Privacy Policy

Garry Whiteknight was registered in Uganda in February 2002. In 2005, the firm registered in Rwanda and began operations in February 2006. The firm in Uganda, changed its name to Whiteknight partners in 2009.
Garry Whiteknight is registered with the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Rwanda while Whiteknight Partners is registered with the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda. Our Senior Partner Norbert Kagoro is a founder member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Rwanda. Our people have also participated in a training organised by the USAID/RIG office based in South Africa.
Our Vision Statement
Our vision statement is “to be a firm of choice”
Our mission statement
Our mission statement is “to provide business solutions to our clients through a highly skilled and motivated team”
Our clients
Serving the needs of our clients and the management of the various activities funded by governments, Shareholders’ funds and donors requires uniquely qualified professionals with unmatched depth of expertise developed through years of experience. At Garry Whiteknight, we have developed the professional resources and expertise to provide the services you require. We have Standards, which describe the framework for the delivery of all our services to our clients. You can count on being served by partners and professional staff with the relevant expertise and distinguished careers in anticipating and addressing the pertinent issues that most clients face.
Our partners and professionals draw upon broad experience in terms of the sectors served, and deep technical expertise across: -
• Human resources management/development • Management consultancy such as business planning, business development, corporate recovery and operational disciplines, • Assurance and business advisory, • Tax compliance and advisory and • Accountancy consulting.
Our firm is building a reputation of being at the forefront of developments in the accountancy profession. Our partners and professional members of staff are active members of the:
• Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda (ICPAU) • Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda (ICPAR), and • Association of Chartered Certified Accountants of UK (ACCA).
Our professional staff ensure that we meet all the clients’ service needs, be it audit/assurance, business advisory, business development, human resources and management consulting, company secretarial or tax (both direct and indirect). Where additional expertise or input is required, we immediately call on other experts from elsewhere at our own expense, thus ensuring our clients benefit from every resource we can offer, and the very best proactive business advice. As our potential customer, we believe that you are a stakeholder in Africa’s Growth, particularly the growth of the Ugandan and Rwandan economies. And that you have ambitious plans for the future of Uganda and Rwanda- a future in which we want to share. Through the years, while serving in the International accountancy firms and Government bodies, our people, have helped clients manage the challenges arising from growth/expansion, by finding creative solutions. We also believe that there is continuous need to build an infrastructure that will support any organisations anticipated expansion. We help our clients with practical answers designed to meet your specific needs. We strongly believe that these professional services are necessary for any organisation. The commitment of our firm to serving our clients professionally is founded on the expertise and experience of our professional staff. Through years of providing professional services, Garry Whiteknight staff have helped clients manage their challenges by finding creative solutions to their business problems.
The industries where our professional staff have gained experience of direct relevance include: -
1. Security companies; 2. Financial Institutions (Both banking and non-banking); 3. Insurance companies; 4. United States Agency for International Development (USAID) funded projects and programmes; 5. DANIDA funded projects; 6. Agricultural & Mining concerns; 7. Other donor funded projects; 8. Manufacturing Concerns; 9. Oil industry; 10. Government departments, programmes and authorities.
As a result of our focus and commitment, we have a vision of becoming the firm of choice when organisations participating in Uganda and Rwanda’s development look for professional assistance in enhancing their effectiveness in performance. We have developed a broad range of specialised capabilities to assist our clients in meeting the challenges they face in today’s complex environment.

Our services

1 Assurance and advisory
We perform “risk driven audits” with a focus on specific and particular risks, the client’s own management and controls, and commitment to client service. We believe that by concentrating on these areas, our audit would be effective, efficient and add value to our client’s business. Our audit process incorporates testing of internal controls and the effectiveness of the accounting system as a matter of routine. We are committed to meeting reporting deadlines, without undermining the quality of our products. We believe that a key to client satisfaction is the issuance of all reports on a timely basis, without compromising the quality of the products. Our audit approach focuses on the organisation’s activities, not just the balance sheet, identifying and evaluating the key business risks. In this way, we enable management, stakeholders and the marketplace to have complete confidence in the financial reports of Garry Whiteknight. We also use the access afforded by the audit to provide practical business advice and suggest processes and control improvements at every step. Our audit approach is underpinned by a rigorous methodology and leading edge techniques, enabling us to deliver the assurance and added value you expect. The principle at the heart of our audit is simple yet powerful: the belief that an auditor’s judgement about the financial statements must be grounded in an intimate knowledge of the company activities. Our understanding of risks and processes drives our approach. The Garry Whiteknight audit approach provides a methodology that is applied consistently around the world, while at the same time recognising the specific needs of your business. We have been constantly updating our audit process to ensure that it remains at the leading edge

In summary our audit approach is: -

• risk based • controls oriented • focuses on risks that have a potential impact on the financial accounting system. • focuses on consequences of financial reporting. • focuses on the controls that mitigate those risks.

We normally perform the above work based on the best management practices. This involves tailoring our work plans and audit programmes around the particular needs of the Company.

Our work is distributed into phases as follows: -

1 Planning and commencement phase 2 Systems review and audit programme designing phase 3 Performance of audit phase 4 Reporting phase

2 Our Accounting Bureau Services (ABS):

ABS helps our clients: -

1. Prepare daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly book of account using a number of accounting packages tailor made to suit client requirements. 2. Maintain sales ledgers, purchase ledgers, nominal ledgers, cash and bank account reconciliations, 3. Payroll management and recording keeping 4. Maintaining correct Pay As you Earn (TPR), Value Added Tax (VAT), Social Security (NSSF) and income tax (CIT) records 5. Submission of VAT, TPR, NSSF and CIT returns/declarations. 6. Managing the clients’ working capital requirements 7. Month management accounts by 5th of the following month.
We believe that tidy record keeping means less time spent by the tax and external auditor thus helping our clients save money. We use a number of accounting packages such as Pastel, Quickbooks, Tally and the choice of accounting software depend on our client’s needs and their preferences.

We are committed to providing top quality service to small and medium sized businesses.

3 Consulting Services

We also offer Consulting Services in the areas below:

 Business Development and Corporate Recovery Services  Management Consulting  Corporate Finance Services  Secretarial and Taxation Services  Executive Selection

3.1 Business development and Corporate Recovery Services

We have established a Business development and Corporate and Business Recovery team. The business development team advises our clients on how to choose the best form of organization when setting operations and companies in Rwanda and Uganda. This kind of service includes, but limited to, tax benefits accruing to any decision taken on the type of organization to form. Our team also assists executives of forward-looking businesses and organisations to focus better on corporate goals, and the most effective ways of achieving those goals. Our approach varies from one assignment to another. We have excluded the normal approach to this type of work from this document.

Our services in this area include:

 Performing due diligence for planned mergers  Acquisition investigations  Due diligence reviews  Receiverships and business turnaround  Liquidations

3.2 Management Consulting

Our management consulting product deals with the successful implementation of change. Change is unavoidable and therefore should be managed for organisations to get the most benefit out of it. Our people have many years of experience in finding solutions to problems and have helped a number of businessmen to adapt to a changing world and achieve their objectives.
We provide the following services in this area:

• Business planning and Economic feasibility Studies. • Financial management and Financial systems implementation • Human resources Management and development • Marketing and organisational behaviour analysing • Improvement on Company productivity where we re-engineer workflows and right-sizing organisational structures and staffing levels. • Strategic planning and management • Strategic information systems planning. • System design and implementation.

3.3 Corporate Finance Services

We have assembled a Corporate Finance Team with experience in this field. This involves providing financial advice to our clients that enables them to make informed decisions on the optimal use of their financial resources, in their bid to maximise shareholder wealth. Our corporate finance services department assists our clients in areas such as financial restructuring, business valuations, due diligence investigations and capital markets issues.

The Services offered in under corporate finance services include:
 Debt portfolio management and Debt restructuring  Balance sheet restructuring  Sourcing of investment funds and capital injections  Treasury management

3.4 Secretarial and Taxation Services

We have a team capable of providing a wide range of Secretarial, Taxation Services and Compliance with regulatory authorities. The team is familiar with local as well as foreign company secretarial and taxation matters, and is able to handle any secretarial or tax matter promptly and efficiently.
Our services include:
 Company secretarial services - We have a specialist division dedicated to company secretarial work. Our specialist staff can be relied upon to steer our clients through the intricacies of company law and to be proactive in bringing issues to their attention.
 Tax Planning – For both individuals and companies  Income Tax, Corporation Tax, VAT and other tax matters  Other taxation matters relating to Individuals  International Tax and Regional Cross-Border tax advice  Advice on matters concerning NSSF and PAYE
The Company Secretarial services include filing of statutory returns, maintaining share registers and register of directors, attending company meetings and keeping minutes, and issuing statutory notices. Under this area, we also assist our clients in registering and/or incorporating the organisation and in obtaining all the necessary permits and licences.

4 Forensic accounting and investigations

Under Forensic Accounting, we provide accounting analyses suitable to the court and investigators. These analyses are used as a basis for discussion, debate and ultimately for dispute resolution. In summary, our Forensic Accounting approach encompasses both Litigation Support and Investigative Accounting. During the course of our work, especially when conducting an investigation, we utilize accounting, auditing and investigative skills. Equally critical is our ability to respond immediately and to communicate financial information clearly and concisely in a Courtroom setting. During a forensic assignment, we look beyond the numbers and deal with the business reality of the situation.
Therefore, it should be noted that the integration of accounting, auditing and investigative skills yields the specialty known as forensic accounting, another critical service that we offer to our clients. Under forensic accounting and investigations, the following services are offered; -

 Litigation Support:  Investigative Accounting